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Rear Backing Plates for Side/Indicators Vitesse 1600/6

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Hi All!   Having checked my front Side Lights/Indicators on my 1966 Vitesse 6, I found that I could not save the Backing Plates due to rust?  I have been looking at Canley/Rimmer and Paddock but they do not sell these separately!  Canley do the Herald 13/60 Backing but are these the same as my vehicle?  My vehicle has 2 x protruding bulb holders at the back of the plate.  The front lens is a "V" shape and not a flat type.  Also is L584 the correct item code for my late Vitesse?

Cheers Martyn

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i seem to remember the studs on the new are  different centres or something/  may be even access to the nuts ???  which ended up punch the studs out and use some other fixing

on my 64 Vit6  when i replaced them  a long while ago 


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of top of head dont think so,    , the later cars had the flat lense lamp,  have a feeling its a  bit smaller   but many parts used in the industry were carry over designs 

who   knows   if the later lamp used the older backplate ?????????????   where's Dave or Colin   when you want him      

solution buy one try it let us all know   Ha !!   

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Original early Herald part number was 506619 (backing plate) HOWEVER the early Herald parts manual states that if unavailable, then part number 206977 may be used as an alternative provided they are fitted in pairs. Later backing plates did not have the metal shield between the bulbs.

Later units appear to be 510760.

Paddocks sell the flat versions - 216417 - at £27 each, or the backing plates at £12.50 each, and the glass by itself at £6.50, and list those for both 1200 and 13/60; I presume that's all that's available new these days.

Mike Costigan claims the early Heralds had peaked lights, whilst the later Vitesse and 13/60 had flat, and the press shots he has of the 1600 and the 'new' 2-litre Vitesse show peaked units. I nipped out to the garage there but all I have are pairs of peaked, no flats - too modern for me! I could stick my neck out and say that there's no difference in the size of the lenses other than the depth due to the peak.

I've also found an early backplate - most of mine had succumbed terminally to rust - but this one does have the L584 code. I'll post a few reference photos to help.

3712AF8A-FF27-4AC5-B0A5-5AE909D54656_1_105_c.jpg.1fb1633bdfddf1f61b03bb7ebc51ec9c.jpg  99E4135F-4859-4B44-885A-1348AD114CA4_1_105_c.jpg.55bb860e38a780a0336ba833ca051e0f.jpg

Compare that one with the modern version currently on sale:


There are slight differences ie strengthening ribs but basically the same. I managed to find a NOS light lens which interestingly enough has two part numbers:


576291 and 505492; it's a peaked version with completely assymetric lens pattern.

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