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Invision community upgrade to 4.4.10

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I have a red banner across my page asking me to upgrade to 4.4.10 when I sign onto the web site. I have attempted to upgrade by never get passed a client password. Do I need this upgrade, if so how do I get it.

I view the forum on a Kindle tablet.


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Graham, you see this as you are a Moderator.  As Admin, I get the same message.

It’s an upgrade to the actual Forum operating software that runs on the Invision server, and it’s something that only a Superadmin can install.

I’ve asked the Club management several times to get it installed, but the IT support company that do the Superadmin work are reluctant to install it as the last big upgrade from 3.x.x to 4.x.x took a lot of effort to get the Forum working properly.

This is a minor upgrade, so I can’t see the problem, but it’s not something I can do myself as I don’t have the required passwords.

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