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Re-upholstering GT6 seats and interior trim in red leather


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Hello all.......more info needed please.


I'm looking at getting my GT6 mk3 seats and interior trim recovered in red leather.  I see Rimmers sell the red leather seat kits and interior panels (I assume they are vinyl).


Can anyone give me some feedback about the quality of the Rimmer interior products or the products of any other supplier they have used?


Can anyone suggest a quality upholster who could do this work for me.


Many thanks

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there's little to stop you fitting your own covers ,,take pics of where all the clip went and where the hog rings are ,  bear in mind you may need new foams 

as these tend to degrade well over the years , you dont want new soggy looking covers


replace the hog rings with cable ties. much easier


an old net curtain to cover the foams so the new panels slide on easy


all you need is a socket to remove the seat, a pair of side cutters to cut off old hg rings, a pair of pliers to pull up the cable ties

old net curtain, some strong tea and its a result for a mornings work


most wrinkles can be steamed out with a  tube wand made to fit a wallpaper steamer  some gentle steam and the wrinkles are gone.


door cards and interior trim is really just a  screwdriver and clips   


why not have a go ??



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Most trim available for our cars is produced by Newton Commercials. I think Rimmers offering is made by them as I believe is the trim supplied by the Club Shop. You can buy direct from Newtons but it is often a fair bit cheaper to buy their trim from a reseller.

Some of the nicest cars I have seen have been re-trimmed by an independent trimmer not using ready made trim sets. They are very simple so any competent trimmer should have no problem with them. There are a few other companies that supply trim such as Aldridge Trimming. I have only used Newtons  products which are well made and a good match for original trim.



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Park Lane are excellent, I got new foams from them. it was even easier than Pete suggests, I didn't need the old curtain, just wiggled the covers back on and no steaming required. I put my old covers through the washing machine fully expecting them to fall to bits and then I could buy the leathers. Unfortunately they came out pristine so the leathers will have to wait. I don't think PL do red leather but they might be persuaded.

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Many thanks for all the replies so far!



The job has to be done right so I'd rather have top quality and pay a little more for it than a bodge job and scrimp.  As the saying goes "don't spoil the ship for a ha'pence of tar". But if it's that easy I may well have a go. Like you said, plenty of pictures and new foam are in order. Thanks for the tip about covering the foam with net curtains.


Clive, dougbgt6, Dave C,

Park Lane Classics sound good so I've sent them an email (tried to phone but no answer). I'm waiting to see if they can do the work for me in red leather.



I tried Newton commercial and they have been recommended to me before. They don't seem to do red (on their website). I may give them a call. I like the idea that they have the original tooling and patterns for the job.



Your seats look great. Confirms my idea of getting red leather.

If I don't get any joy from the main companies I'll drop you a line for your upholsterer.

I'd like to see more of your car some time if possible.  I've already decided my next project is a Mk1 GT6 (some time in the distant future).


Thanks to all

Captain (Andy)

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Hi Yes they are Red leather, and The lady who did them for me had a choice of reds as well as many other colours. I have her details at home so will add them tonight or tomorrow as a few people have asked. I supplied her with the foam set as they had worn out to  - Cost was £750.00 but she does them from scratch  - so a proper job as they say!


Details to follow

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