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Finally after 12 weeks in lockdown!!

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Well my drive today after about 8 weeks of lockdown here in Melbourne, we took the Dolly Sprint down to my daughters on the Mornington Peninsula SE of Melb a 35klm drive ea way. We hadn't seen her or the grandkids in that time and it was a nice sunny day  reaching 18C after a cold 4C start. The cockatoos had punctured my near new specialist car waterproof covering the buggers no wonder the farmers consider them vermin.

Car ran well but the O/D wouldn't operate for the first couple of klm, cold oil? but when we got to the Freeway all OK considering the cars only been started once and run up the street in that time.

Once at my daughters she got her Mk2 Spit out similar slumber & took it a short run, I said I'll take it a reasonable run, so I took it further south another 40klm to Arthurs Seat around 300mts elevation if I remember & blasted the Spitty up the windy horseshoe bends to the top (note to self must get son to organize some freebee Mi****n new tyres as she slid easily on the corners & they are nearly 10 years old) didn't stop at the top & the chair lift drove her hard over the top across to the east coast of the Peninsula then back up to Hastings and daughters home. Her comment I thought you were taking her a short drive to fill her up, my reply well I got carried away & bugger I forgot to fill it up! but it did blow the cobwebs out of me and the car,

The run up Arthurs Seat used to be an Austin 7 club Hill Climb circuit, and as my old mate a Police driving instructor says you aren't trying if you don't roll the tyre off the rim!

The wif wasn't too happy as it took me around an hour, and the daughters 45kilo dog was all over her!.

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