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V5C Spitfire description


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I've got a 1967 (November) Spitfire Mk3 with an FD chassis number, but it says 'Spitfire Mark 2' on the V5.  I'm going to send it back to the DVLA to change it, but was wondering what to?  Do I change it to Mark 3 or just leave it as 'spitfire'.  Just wondering what you all had on your documentation.





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They did make a lot of mistakes in olden times, my GT6 was a convertible according to it's original V5. There's a web site called how many left which is derived from dvla data and you can see lots of variations and anomalies on there. The modern dvla changed my V5 without question but, it would be worthwhile getting a heritage certificate for your car to support your cause, they like those!





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