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Spotted on Google Earth...

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I knew I had passed the Google Car last Autumn; September time or thereabouts, so just remembered it recently and thought I'd check. There's me, just over the canal bridge in Scarva heading countrywards, in my unwashed and neglected looking black Mondeo. I've since washed it - had to, I sold it in October... so the goal is now to get a Triumph on it somewhere. Anyone got their Triumph featured on Google Earth, parked up or driving?

2017182442_ScreenShot2020-05-20at22_16_31.jpg.7aab9ef7a517eff77852f0aa48f8f07d.jpg 170814492_ScreenShot2020-05-20at22_17_09.jpg.672479759fea9dd00b5833ad5c74bcb4.jpg


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At one time I could date the Google Earth photo of my house to a particular afternoon because of the locations of the 2.5PI and Toledo just visible in the drive (and the Toledo had RBRR stickers on it!) but that's been updated since I moved.

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1 hour ago, RogerH said:

Hi Colin,

how did you copy that image.

If you Google UB3 3AF you should see my white 4A with red/White brolly

The aerial view shows the white 4A and my Royal Blue 4



Lol that's cool! But: interesting to see they haven't pixellated the VRM; I wonder if their software didn't recognise it?


BTW it's just a screenshot taken off my Mac; easiest and laziest option for me. It's interesting that they were on the bridge, and presumably the village, last September, but the shot of my house further up the hill still dates from 2012, a few years before we moved there, so I can't check for any Triumphs.



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I think if the older pictures are better quality they stay on line, may have been a truck went past or similar.

if you down load google earth you can change the timelines on the photos to see all versions stored.

When I look online I get 2 different years covering my house, 

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You've got me at it now. They have updated the ariel photo of my place, it must have been taken in the last month or so judging by the state of the crop in the field and where the Triumph is parked. I was out at the time as the Skoda isn't there.

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We thought we were being clever back in April and if the Club kept out of sight behind the greenery at my house we'd be okay... but the spy in the sky got us!

Sadly we don't merit the highest resolution in our area - just a mile away you can zoom right in - but the red blob in the centre is my GT6 beside the large white Freelander, below is a white GT6, to the left of that a yellow Spitfire, dip down and left for a dark blob that is a Triumph 2000 saloon then up and slightly to the left for a Herald convertible beside my Mondeo. If we'd known they were taking the photo we'd have waved... :)


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