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front hub - greasing

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Just finished cleaning and re-greasing the the front roller bearings and have a couple of questions please.


1. I've only done the outer bearings. Should I also do the inner ones?

2. Should I fill up the grease cap with grease before putting it on?




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agree with Clive excess grease in the hub cavity and dust cap only trap heat and do nowt to lube anythiing


endfloat is 0.002" to 0.008"   this is important there is no pre load on theses or the heat will very quickly seize the outers to the stub spindle


lightly nip the castle nut and back it off 1 or 2 flats ( yes so its loose ) then fit the right sized pin



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Yes there will be very slight wobble in the wheel if it's right. This has caused me arguments and problems at MOTs. So I tighten the castle nut slacken it of and finger tighten it, put in the pin, down to the MOT. Then home, take out the pin, turn the castle nut back a flat, put in the pin. Simples!

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at the max of 0.008" you get about 4mm at the tyre rocking  at   0.002"    its feelable,  probably about 0.5mm 

what ever you dont want Nil


there are two index holes in the sub so there's a bit of ' selective' available.


but as said  give the nut a light fingered nip with a spanner and undo 1 to 2 flats line up the best fit hole in the stub 

the nut will be able to wiggle with the fingers , so its up to the bearing but not applying any pressure



if its done up tight the result is expensive ...very quickly


if its too slack the disc will push the pads back when parked up and needs a short pump to expand the caliper pistons 








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