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Mk3 GT6 Second Gear


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14 minutes ago, Ingieuk said:

Thanks for the reply. I do wonder as I replaced all the syncros with pattern items as they came in the rebuild kit from Paddocks. 

Just driven to work and the issue is much more acute in trafic, I had one smooth change but other than that it was a pain. 

Is there anything I can look at linkage wise? It's had a new set of bushes and the selector forks look in reasonable condition.

When I do get the box out I'll swap back to the old syncro rings on 2nd. Though they are all mixed up now so I'm not sure which is which. Having said that before the circlip issue from earlier all gears changed lovely so maybe any of them will be good. 

You can inspect and test the rings for wear. The state of its 'teeth' and how far it pushes onto the cone are both indicators of its condition. Opening the box up again sounds like the only remedy now...

Its one of the weakness of this type of gearbox and a slower gear change style can help but Triumph finally went to larger diameter synchro rings in the last GT6 and Dolomite 1850 units. 

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if there is a crash then rock over of the baulk ring 1/2 tooth misalignment has failed to baulk the change 

if the ring works you should be baulked until rotation speeds /loads are equal,  ie synchronised 

this is where the well defined angle of the ends of the sleeve teeth and the baulk ring butt up and remain blocking the change till sync is achieved   if the 55deg chamfer is all chimbled up by miles of crashing 

it will not  " rock over" and baulk fails  

as the change was ok before all this started i would question the roundness of the new rings 



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heres a rootes group WSM explaination of how synchro works  takes a bit of studying but its one of the best and relates to the type used by triumph 

as the baulk ring has to spin the clutch disc up to or down to the sync's rpm its imperitive the clutch  is clearing fully 

there is a lot of work done by the baulk rings and other parts  during a gear change any restiction in disc spinning will affect the change 


syncho and howi1.jpg

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