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GT6 mk3 rotoflex rear spring removal

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dont see why not   just let the wishbones hang , if theres any chance of hose stretch then tie it up 

cant see the spring having any troubles other than re lifting  the suspn. to get the eye bolts in can be a heave ho and a bit of misalignment 


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In my experience, the whole Rotoflex setup is under too much tension to "let" anything hang. It should be possible to disconnect the spring, using the lifter, with the wishbones and UJs still attached, but I'd not bet on being able to manoeuvre it out. Still, probably worth a try.

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8 hours ago, Adrian Saunders said:

I should have been more specific. When the spring eye bolt is out and you lower the spring, does the spring eye hit the (solid) brake pipe to the wheel cylinder? There must be some loading of the spring even at full droop. 


IIRC, the spring eye will hit the brake pipe at the wheel cylinder and as Non- Member says - there's next to no room to manouver the spring out.☹️


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