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GT6 Mk3 - How do I fit door lock linkage


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I have replaced the interior door handle and lock mechanism, which was quite easy, because it was broken.


Now I have come to refit it I cannot see how to re-connect the door lock linkage at the lock end. It looks to me as if the linkage must connect to the handle end first, but then I have a thread at the other end. That makes me think I should have done that end first. But if I do that, then I cannot see how to connect the other end (and I have broken the plastic knob once already.


See the picture below for my threaded rod quandry




Can anyone enlighten me as to the obvious and easy way to do this please. :)





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Hi Steve, connect the two rods; one for the release, the other for the lock to the interior door handle first. In your picture, the catch release is fitted correctly with the spring clip. The threaded fitting should be screwed onto the rod so that the spigot fits through the hole in the bush. You will need another spring clip to secure it and stop it from falling out. The rod is threaded to allow for adjustment to suit the lock.


I hope that helps but let me know if you need any more information. I've just done mine so it is fresh in my mind. You might like to think about the window winder mod when you are struggling to drop the pin in. :)

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No it is not held Steve but perhaps a tight fit. It is only held in once the spring clip is fitted.


I think if you get some grips on it and twist it should come out. You may even find it easier if you remove the whole assembly by unscrewing the threw setscrews and having a good look at it on the bench.

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