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front suspension strip mk3 spit

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Planning complete strip clean repaint rebush and new springs/dampers


Is it possible to remove as a complete unit the wishbone and coil/shock assembly?


I thought it would be easier to strip the units on a bench rather than on the driveway?


Any thoughts?

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Being honest I would say easier on the car. It is all accessible, and held in position. Get a difficult nut on the bench and it is tricky to hold the whole lot. Even if the trunnion bolts are seized (do not, under any circumstances try a big hammer, you will ruin the lower wishbone) they can be cut through the dustshilds ideally with a grinder fitted with thin blade and hacksaw in a few minutes.


However, the way it is often done is to take the front turrets off and just undo the bottom wishbone brackets off the chassis. If you do this carefully note the number/position of all shims so it all goes back exactly the same. Also the engine will dangle free so will need supporting.


As to parts inspect the top of the thread of the uprights very carefully, any sign of microcracks, throw them away and buy new. New shocks and springs on a mk3 is tricky. Many (especially the cheap end) of retailers just sell spitfire springs. They are for the later cars and will sit the car too high. Likewise the black cheap shocks (a) do not do a very good job and (B) the spring platform is (was?) too high. loads of cars about that have mahoosive gaps between wheel and arch, look ridiculous. 


See, nothing as simple as it seems!

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I just replaced my GT6 mk3 front shocks and springs. I bought them from the club shop so I'm sure they are correct, suggest you do the same. Also don't use those claw like spring compressors, I borrowed some from a neighbour. They pinged off twice before I decided they were trying to kill me and gave them back! Get hold of the compressor that has a plate at the top and the bottom and two long threaded bolts. Dead easy then, in fact simples! The club shop sells them but I used one owned by the Thames local area organiser. (Thanks Mickey!).


Don't know if you're going polybush but my front shocker came with rubber bushes so probably best to speak to Gareth at the club shop if you want poly. Strangely my rear shockers came with polybushes. They are difficult to install, people say use a G clamp but I didn't have one big enough, so I took my vice off the bench and use that!


And yes, do it on the car, if you get a stubborn nut and bolt you can use the weight of the car to swing against it.

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Now the fun starts. Took off the anti roll bar. Got in on a bench to de-gunk it and it seems the drivers side is about 1/2 an inch higher than the passenger side. Surely this must have been affecting my set up? Anyone know an easy way to take out the bend?

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whilst its being stripped its worth removing the wishbone pivots the long bolt that goes through the chassis can be very corroded seen some so thin they snap on removable..    hopefully  all will be fine but while your in there pop one off for a look

make sure you put the  ones back in the right place and the right way up/down



you cant remove the bent memory of a antiroll bar unless you can get hold of space in a normalising oven , then re align it with a press.


so nope  chuck it , get a replacement , the later bar is a bit thicker and has less tendancy to twist 




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Hi there. A mate with a garage said he had a spring compressor (foot operated job) that'd do any spring. I now know that spit springs are tooooo tiny for anything standard. Long shot but anyone in the North Kent area have a spitfire spring compressor I can hire for 24 hours to get the old gal back on 4 wheels. Have Volvo will travel as they say. Anyone able to offer help for a drink?





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