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Would you fit these or send them back?

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It is so long since I have done the rear trunnions on a Triumph that I can't remember if the bushes are supposed to look like this. The plastic looks and feels more like something you would find in a Christmas cracker than on the suspension of a car, the supplied rubber seals are different thicknesses, and the rims of the bushes are far too thin to hold the seals in place while you assemble the dust shields. I ordered them from one of the main suppliers but they came in a Moss branded bag. Are these what you would expect? 


Thank you in advance for any guidance.406030245_reartrunnionkit.thumb.jpg.9320bf58bd29233f8508b3377d42ca08.jpg

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not looking right. 

i would try  a kit from canley's   and  going poly is a ££££ decision  with little real improvement in reliability  but the parts will be better 

but some kits are awful  with thick seals and thick covers never will fit together theres been odd reports on forum 

the thin bush  rim is not what i would expect but i dont have any knocking aroud to compare 


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I gave up on the current standard ones for my Mk1 Vitesse and decided to fit polyurethane, well known make, along with spring eye bushes. The crush tube of the trunnion bush was to long, you could rock the brake back plate, shortened it to same length as one in spring eye bush, been in for some years now and a good few thousand miles all ok, touch wood.

There is a lot of crap being sold, some of it ok but not quite right, comes down to better than nothing.



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29 minutes ago, Adrian Cooper said:

Thank you Pete, Paul and Nigel for your prompt and helpful replies, I'll order some polyurethane ones.


Just make sure you are buying a reputable branded polyurethane bush kit, not some no-name rubbish off the net.


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Just as a matter of interest. I polybushed my rear shocks last year. Very pleased with the result. Finally souced a pair of (I now find out) very rare kyb rear shocks a few months ago (not put on yet) but the bushes that came with them are nowhere as nice as the polybush. Ok as a 'put you on' but I much prefer the polybush. They sort of 'feel' like a quality product, unlike some of the 'rubber' tat around today. The ride also feels better but that's probably just psychological.

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