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Engine paint finish


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Hi All,


Getting towards re-assembling refurb engine, and looking for advice/experience/opinion on finishing. I'm painting with red VHT paint. Here's the list of questions:


1) Paint in parts or assembled (or 'empty' assembled)?


2) OK to paint some gasket faces (e.g. front plate-timing cover face). There appear to be traces of paint on here already.


3) Is it OK to blast the frontplate/backplate before painting?


4) Any tips on curing the VHT paint. It will be a while before the engine gets run, and I've heard that it really needs to be cured at a higher temperature than the engine would normally reach anyway. I'm not sure I'll be allowed to put it in the kitchen oven, even if it would fit.


5) Mechanical question. The front plate on this engine is slightly bent backwards on one side. I can't tell with the engine that is currently in the car. Is it meant to be like this, or should it be flat all the way?



Thanks in advance for your input.




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Paint on gasket surfaces?

You really do have Boatbuilder's Syndrome!


No, no, no, no, no.

Clean bare metal, every time.

Paint the assembled engine.   Why make more work?

Blast the front/back plates?   Why???  Scrape clean, polish with Scotchbrite is you must.   DO NOT PAINT!


As you say yourself, you don't need VHT paint on the engine itself, it doesn't get that hot.     Ordinary paint is fine.


Bent front plate?  Big no-no.  Straighten completely with hammer and a straight edge - THAT is worth obsessing about.


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