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Tyre pressure


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As theres more rubber on the road  would I need more pressure to keep it there? Are modern tyre walls stiffer or more forgiving than 40 years ago?

Old tyres had more pressure at the rear but weight at the front - seems counter intuitive

As you can see I don't know much about tyres......


Will try the 24 - 25 tonight

Thanks for your help



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The factory specs 21F/26R would be for a 155 section tyre. But the factory should have got those right. Hopefully.

More rubber would mean less pressure required.....but the difference is negligible. 

Wall stiffness varies hugely from make to make. try a few pressures and experiment. Best not go too wild (spitfires are truly horrible if you try 35psi!)

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The size of the contact patch is constant irrespective of tyre size when the tyre pressure is the same.

The only thing that changes is the shape of the contact patch.

Wide tyres have a wide short contact patch.

Narrow tyres have a narrow long contact patch.

That is why wide tyres are not very good in the wet, snow or ice.

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