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Clonking from rear end

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Hi all

Spitfire rear end noises

Just fitted new heavy duty uj's to both drive shafts, with thicker circlips but I still hear clonking noise on over run.

How tight must the uj's be?

Must they be so tight you can not move them?

Have ruled out diff as just reconditioned by Mike Papworth.

Any advise gratefully received


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You want absolutely NO float on the cups in the yokes but they should swivel

Ok but not have any lift

the slighest lift will induce a knock

yuo can change the circlips with shaft on the car but make realy sure the clip is fully located


Dont try adding any shim stock this will get punched out very quickly


mmeasure the circlip to make sure you do actually have thicker ones if using 4 overthick doesnt cure the lift then a new shaft may be on the cards



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