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Virtual Concours D’ Elegance ?


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Jaguar lickers might like this one.

J.E.C. Virtual Concours D’ Elegance  ..where you the public are invited to cast your vote . .  https://jecpodcast.co.uk/virtual-concours

" The winner is decided by public vote, so scroll through the entries below and then vote for your favourite via the form at the foot of the page.  Click submit, and your vote is cast. Remember, this is just for fun and you should choose your favourite car, not the best photographs.  Also, link the page to all your mates and get them to vote for your favourite as well!

Have fun, every single Jaguar below is utterly stunning and worthy winner so, best of luck deciding where your vote should go! "

Seems like a fun idea which the TSSC might compliment by following suit ?


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