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1976 Spitfire 1500

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Has anyone tarted up their front spoiler. Mine has lost its captive nuts, anyone got a recommendation how to fix new nuts in place? Fibreglass? Some fancy glue??

Also the previous owner has half heartedly sprayed it in black, some is flaking off some is fixed firmly any recommendation how to remove the old paint without hours and hours of hand sanding?

I'm planning to colour code the spoilerIMG_20210110_210148.thumb.jpg.9e2cce6b5360d8df7289b65cc651397d.jpgIMG_20210110_210143.thumb.jpg.150410851a18ebba9410f3fe8e2e8d03.jpg to the rest of the car

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JB Weld is very good can even be tapped when set but a good cure takes say 6 hours.

I was going to say an Aluminum Rivnut but I think that might pull through, maybe use a Rivnut without compressing it and JB Weld it into place.


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Use the expanding plasterboard bolts that you get for plasterboard walls; you can even get rivet-like versions with a gun (Molly fasteners?)

Push them into the hole, use the gun or screwdriver to tighten. They flare out inside so can't be pulled out. Use a larger washer to cover the top if you need to and it looks original.



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Productive day today, first job of the day was to remove the battery box. Armed with the knowledge from a few youtube vids I girded my loins and dove in. It quickly became apparent that the guy in Triumph who spot welded these in decided it was never coming out. Welds on top of welds, welds directly next to other welds, what a pain.IMG_20210116_135357.thumb.jpg.059da5a7cb6b5edf5ce6293ddcbcf4b1.jpg

Finally after much swearing, wiggling, hammering, more swearing it was finally out.


It definitely wasn't salvageable...


The new battery box is ready for going in tomorrow (hopefully if I have time)


Also managed to try @Colin Lindsay suggestion on how to fix the front spoiler and it is very effective.


I also put the front spoiler into plastic primer ready to be colour coded to the rest of the car.



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Lovely day for fettling and with the afternoon off it would be churlish not to roll the Spitty out and do a bit more bodywork slowly but surely etc.

This evenings task was to put together the lights, I have been scratching my head over these for a while now but I had a light bulb moment and over light refreshment (geddit) they came together. The only issue I have is the seating of the floppy inner seal which doesn't want to sit right.


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10 minutes ago, NonMember said:

Something doesn't look right in that last photo. I'm pretty sure the chrome ring should sit directly against the rim of the glass.

Exactly. The only bit of rubber is between the assembled headlight and the bonnet panel. 

This link shows how the headlight/bowl etc goes together. https://canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-spitfire-mkiv/1500&diagram=triumph-spitfire-mkiv/1500-headlight-assembly

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Bit more done, finally got the door alignment something like on the passenger side, this has been bothering me for some time. I used the door supports I bought off ebay many moons ago.1660429739_doorbrace.jpg.32f9fb17b6ddf37fb9bf51ae1e86833c.jpgIMG_20210227_151819.thumb.jpg.c445fce68de2cc167972b24b26669cd7.jpgAlso found a problem with the finishers I bought from ebay a little while back, looks like I got a GT6 one instead of a spitfire one, so I returned one and now on the hunt for a passenger side spitfire finisher.


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On 01/03/2021 at 17:43, hardhatharry said:

Covers for the seats, door cards, headrests and back panel arrived today, fantastic workmanship and a lovely colour.






Are they from Park Lane. Looks like Owens work.

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