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1976 Spitfire 1500

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Back from my hols and found some time to investigate the leaky carb issues. 

Looking at the worse carb I took off the top of the float bowl and took the pin out which holds the float bowl, there is no evidence of the float leaking, the float valve is new and removing the seat revealed no blockages or dirt. I did notice that the gasket has been pinched when fitted so I ordered a new one the the pin is rather dirty so I gave it a clean



Putting it all back together I sprayed some brake cleaner into the bowl took a look at the bottom of the float bowl. The feed to the carb was leaking badly and I could pull out the feed pipe from the bottom of the float bowl without any resistance. I noticed that the ferrule had been pushed into the feel pipe and none of the rim was showing outside the pipe. Undoing the nut for the feed pipe showed that the seal had not been compressed, it was at that point the nut escaped hit my foot and disappeared into another dimension as I couldnt find it after an hour of trying, another one ordered. The feed pipe on both carbs also have kinks in them, I dont know if this is an issue IMG_20210801_120544.thumb.jpg.39c1d7580ca4804cd03fae09151d9f8b.jpg

It was at this point and noticing how manky the carbs were I decided to stick them in the sonic cleaner for a couple of hours and hey presto like new (ish)


So I now need to wait for new gasket sets and jet pipe seal kit to turn up.......

Back to welding tomorrow.



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We all have them, it's amazing when you drop something you see it hit the floor but then its travels are magical, a good magnet on a stick generally works BUT sometimes there just gone forever! Magic!! 

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the kink is often due to the pipe being a little too long  and cutting 3mm off the tube helps the kink problem

do make sure the pipe is fitted right through the rubber olive  before yo do any trimming 

if its been flooding have a look at the float , i found the needle valve platform had small wear ridges with jammed the float valve , a light sanding didnt work  but new floats solved it  for good .


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After yesterdays minor disaster time to dig out the grinders and welder and get rid of some rot.....

The hinge boxes are rather rotten and after deluding myself they could be repaired I took the plunge and bought a set of new (to me) hinge boxes..




So making sure I marked up the position of the old hinge boxes off they came...


The cross member looks like someone set about it with a hammer a some point and has more ripples than the pacific ocean...

Welder out and on goes the new set


Something that I never thought would happen when I bought my welder many years ago I bought the largest drum of wire that would fit in the welder and I was never in any danger of using it....prior to buying a spitfire.... now I have to buy a new drum its all gone (luckily I had a small 1Kg drum I bought as backup) and I have rang out of gas.......again.

Anyway finished but time was running out and I stuck the bonnet back on and put her back in the garage, all day of a job but worth it. 



Didn't find that carb nut today either.


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13 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Look after that headlamp, have you seen the price of replacement PL700s?

Some don`t know quite what to charge. Guy recently wanted £50 for a (Steel) front Herald Valance that was more like a lace curtain!. £200+ for a new one!.  At those prices the Fibreglass one is going Back on!.


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Ordered parts from swg96 on eBay on Sunday night and arrived today, all original parts, highly recommended so back on the carbs.


Instead of fitting the nytrol rubber o ring and washer I am fitting brass olives which are better for E10 fuel, parts supplied by Rob Turner (ignore the washer in the picture). 


Using some advise from Rob I also dekinked the jet pipes by fitting a rod down the tube pouring boiling water over the pipes still they were soft then pouring cold on it not 100% but much better than before and serviceable.IMG_20210803_191355.thumb.jpg.d8b59744b8e5e1235eb85336627cc24b.jpg




I also reduced the pipes by 3mm which produced a much straighter route on the pipe


Started to put them back on the Spit but then remembered I forgot to change the float bowl gasket.


And then back on the car



The gas arrived today too so more welding coming soon....



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Third last pic I was trying to work out how you'd got a tyre on the inside of the suspension turrent & under the carb, then realised you had shiny S/S heat shields reflecting the image! well it is 7AM here.

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18 hours ago, hardhatharry said:

Love it when suppliers think about usability when supplying a product and provide a container to make the job easier to use and store. Received today, chucked in and ready to start


I need one of those for the electrical smoke..


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Onto the problem of the fuel not arriving at the carbs. Off with the tank and undid the pipe which goes into the tank. The pipe was really hard to get out but after a few taps with a rubber mallet out it came. Gave the pipe a good clean and then cleared with an airline, all seemed well. Next I connected a slave tank to the feed from the tank to the carbs.IMG_20210805_124412.thumb.jpg.89bb112305ea77cfa3eaadb86e018359.jpg

Car started fine with this setup, so put it all back together and connected up the feed from the tank to the carbs and hey presto, all working.

Strange one I'm assuming removing the pipe from the tank must have removed the blockage.

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Disappointed....... had a shiny but old stock fancy rocker cover for the Spit. Dug it out from its hiding place and spent a hour polishing it. Then I noticed it didnt have a breather pipe spigot, hmmmm. Dug out a standard Spit rocker and measured, grrrrr it looks like an A series rocker, it was sold to me as a Spit one but it was quite a while ago now. 



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Back on it today, wasted a bit of time chasing a carb leak which turned out to be a split in the pipe where it goes into the card (lots of stripping a floats and valve seats).

Fitted a nos throttle cable which is surprisingly red (is this the right routing laid over the engine?). 


Found some holes in the drivers floor which will need patching


and looks like new engine mounts are needed.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Back fettling.....

Onto the engine mounts and although the rubber is perished the nuts do not want to let go even with liberal doses of penetrating fluid.

Eventually out came the grinder which gave up too and broke the disk smacking into the oil filter....oops luckily there isn't a h&S book to fill in.

New filter ordered.....

Eventually though the mounts gave up the struggle and the new ones bolted on.

Now the big day arrived, off to my mates paint room so onto his big trailer.


Then a nervous 40 mins of me driving with a thumping big trailer down some narrow streets.

Off the trailer and looking cool.


and into the booth.



It was this point where my mate got out his marker pen and circled all the dents his trained eye could see and my dumb eye couldn't, which was about a weeks labour for me to do.

Rear wing......




It was also when I was poking around I found a big blob of sealant hiding another couple of holes...... sigh.



3 days in on the weeks labour now so the colour is getting close.....


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