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TSSC NI is heading out tomorrow night, but for a run, not a 1st-of-the-month-sitdown meeting. We can shout out of our car windows at each other.

I'm bringing a brush shaft with a metal ring on the end so that when we stop for ice cream the vendor can just set the cone into it from a safe distance...

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Well, we had our run on Wednesday evening, I'm sure it was great... we got lost three times and ended up travelling twice the distance of anyone else and at about three times their speed. Social distancing from about twenty miles away... :) but we caught up with them for the ice cream at the end.

I'm still not used to approaching people who start to walk backwards as you approach... first thing I do is check my armpits or trouser zip... but it's good to see that we're adapting and life is going on regardless.

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