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How rare are Mk1 and Mk2 GT6's for restoration?


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Hi all


I've recently put an advert in the wanted section of this site for a Mk1 or Mk2 GT6 for a restoration project.  I notice there are a couple of other ads, which have been there for quite some time looking for the same type of car.


Can the experienced members out there tell me how often such vehicles come up for sale?  Am I asking in the right place and if not any recommendations where I could try? What would be a realistic price to pay for a Mk1 or 2 restoration project?


Thanks as ever



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There are quite a few projects about, and people sometimes have unrealistic expectations as to what they are worth.


So they stary about. Eventually the price does drop a bit.


As to what to pay, how complete it is determins the price. Lots of parts are now very hard to get. Seats cost a lot to rebuild, assuming originals still fitted, which usually they are not.


You are probably better buying a road-worthy but tired one.


That said, I do know where there is a Mk1 project, and the owner is vulnerable at the moment as his marriage is breaking down, so may be available.





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The early cars were always rare, when I bought my Mk1 it was positively unloved and unwanted but they’ve increased in popularity in recent years. Don’t believe the hype about poor roadholding and how the Mk2s are much better than Mk1, it all comes down to personal preference these days, so don’t expect to automatically pay a higher price for the Mk2. Just make sure owners know you are looking - maybe post a wanted ad - and see who responds.

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