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Delaney Gallay heater blower fan

Colin Lindsay

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Today's episode of 'repair to destruction' comes courtesy of a Delaney Gallay blower fan , which was removed from a heater some years back, and not by me, either. It was retightened back onto the spindle with the result that it would not come off again, and of course won't fit into the heater body as it's too big for the hole so has to be fitted from the other side to the motor spindle. After a lot of penetrating oil and light pressure we moved to a lot of penetrating oil and more pressure, with the end result that the centre pulled out of the fan. As you can see it's an older version with quite a large fan, not the smaller type of the later plastic versions. Anyone have one going spare, or a suitable alternative? 3 inches in depth; I'll happily fit a modern alternative for better efficiency but want to keep the original motor - is there anyone selling replacement fans for kit cars or the like?

5D36A41E-9D47-4A5E-A10F-C91AB9405D79_1_105_c.jpg.2f809cfdb0af3516c5bfd5e405cbb187.jpg 3ED40E0F-8D6A-487D-820F-D402BFE23198_1_105_c.jpg.051e5914f98c31c31066bc800a336359.jpg


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Hi Roger - can you link to the item? I've had a good look at the site - some great stuff there - but can't find the one you refer to.

On a different site I've found this one from a Kia Picanto; although that one won't fit the Herald spindle it might still be worth a trip to the local scrappie tomorrow. I know Nissan Micra motors will fit - that's the plan for the 1200 convertible - but I want to try to identify a fan blade unit that will fit the Herald motor, either from an existing model or as an aftermarket item. Some detective work needed!


Incidentally if anyone has a broken motor, I could use half of the case - the end where the spindle emerges. On mine the brash bush has come out and won't go back easily...


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