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Strange noises from rear end!


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Yes, the shaft was really tight but the flange was just so so. So I double checked the circlips and all seemed well.

Just had a test run............it is worse!!!??? Right turn has a pronounced knock knock noc at 10mph. Fed up. Going out. Goodnight.



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These were Rimmers greasable ujs and I put them in the 'right's way and like I said, the shaft pivot was really nice and tight but the flange had play, just a fraction but this was the one I had dropped two needles in and been wacking it to try to get circlips in!!.

When I realised and reinstalled it properly, the circlips were really tight to get in and I had no up and down play but still slack rotation. I felt that the tightness should be like the shaft half but could not get it any tighter so went ahead and refitted all.

Perhaps I have 'bent' something?

It is still making that dosh dosh dosh noise. Is it absolutely positive that more noise on right turn means right uj is slack?

I find it hard to imagine the loading it takes and how the noise is caused :) I'm done in. Need a rest. Start again tomorrow.  Thanks for all the help. Steering column is much more secure,  thanks Colin.

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