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Thanks for that Mathew, very interesting indeed! I noticed the new Spitfires have tape on the roof to stop water getting in and the red Stag's steering wheel seems to be on cock-eyed... not a lot of paint going on the Dolomite doors/ interiors either. 

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32 minutes ago, Paul H said:

With all the QC why did they rust ?


It was more or less expected in those days; I remember Fiats and Datsuns rusting almost from new. The Triumph standard was pretty much the same as everyone else's. Cars were meant to last 5 - 8 years at best. We tend to forget that these days with all of the advances in technology and metal preservation. 

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The problem is all those lap joints spot welded together.  Paint is not there to help but moisture can get in - the end !!


During this lockdown I have had to do a few 'rust' induced repairs. At the rear of the offside sill I had to join the floor repair section to the wheel arch repair section.

Rather than put a fold on the floor repair and spotweld a lap joint I decided to do a 'T' weld. So there is no overlap to trap water and the 'T' is welded on both sides so is strong.

I then had a crackers moment at the front end of the off side sill. The sill was quite rusty but there was also a rust hole in the bottom of the wing where it over laps the sill.

There is a repair section that makes life easy but it is mild steel. So I made a repair section out of 20SWG stainless steel.

The joint between the wing and the repair section is a simple butt.  The idera here is the a butt joint will not be subject to galvanic corrosion etc and as the weld will be away form the serious moisture/weather it will last better.

I then thought about the bottom of the sill on both the inner and outer sections. These area can rusty quite merrily. How about replacing the bottom 1" with a stainless steel strip.

My only problem was to use mild steel welding wire on the wing. However this shouldn't be a problem in the short term

Now , what else can I bu99er up.



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7 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

The title of the thread did ...concern ... me somewhat; if you search for Triumph you'll find they also make underwear, which can bring up a lot of interesting photos, and if you remove the 'safesearch' option you'll find a lot of people who haven't bothered to wear theirs.

Have you been on Doug's 'other' website again? I keep trying to find it but no joy as yet!

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