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R.I.P Peter Green.

mark powell

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The first time I saw him live as in the 90's sometime when he  was rescued from his family - it was the Splint Group. 

He was fat, bloated and looked like death warmed up. However the few notes he played were beautiful.  I understand the family grabbed him back a while later.

He mad Fleetwood Mac what they were. they were not the same when he left.

It is hard to say he will be missed because he has been missed for so long.

There was a local (West London) band in the 90's/2000's (the Pete Harrson Band)  that would start Bach's Tocata and Fuge on a synth and after about 24 bars you realise that the lead guitar is now doing the intro to Pete,s Black Magic Woman - truly stunning - Bach didn't know what hit hm.

RIP Pete.

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