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Stromberg 150CD - starter assembly


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The term comes from it being an enrichment device rather than a strangler which is a choke


they all make for a rich cold starting mixture ,

a choke restricts the air

a start valve adds more fuel

the result is the same


well something like that

Each manufacturer devised a different play on a solution

dropped jets, obstructed intake, choked flap and automacity flap, enrichment valve, either pulled by manual cable or sprial bimetal heat reactive spring some heated by water some electric.



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I never new it was called a starting valve!   :wacko:  What's wrong with the old one?


Hi dougbgt6,  I was rebuilding the carbs this week and i found some old gasket blocked into the 2 tiny holes/vent, there are tiny littles disc that moves freely, but now they are stuck with the old gasket, i v tried to cleaned it, and i m gonna try them first because £50.00 for this is crazy !

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