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Replacing front suspension top ball joint - Spitfire

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i have for all my life just got a good weight  hammer, get the suspension so its as rigid as possible and with the nut half off give the tapered hole a right good smack

no good if its all lose and you get boing rather than crack

it needs positive hit , not a half hearted  with a toffee hammer 

pullers/spliters are god but dont always work 


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just turn it to resist as much bounce as possible you want the hammer smack to really get it not have the upright thinking its on holiday if you get the drift 

its not going to move much but getting a good  firm swing at it and not having it bounce is the trick ...if you can   

tickle it with a toffee hammer wont work a 2lb  birmingham screwdriver is best ,   

the smack relies on the opposing end having a good resistance so the effort you apply jumps the hole off the taper 

olde but simple       if you wish to use a splitter thats fine .


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