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Bleeding master cylinder


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Cheers Johny. Can anyone confirm that just putting a vacuum bleeder on a bleed nipple will NOT work unless the brake pedal is depressed then?

Also is it not farthest first and work in???  (o/s/r, n/s/r, o/s/f and n/s/f [as it is closest to the manifold] although o/s/f is nearest to M/C)

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A vacuum bleeder will pull fluid directly from the reservoir and in fact wont work if the pedal is pressed at the same time.

People have different ways of bleeding the brakes but if I had changed the master cylinder I would want to get the air bubble out via the shortest route possible rather than pass it all the way through the longest so giving a bigger chance it'll get stuck somewhere.... 

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vacuum bleeders wont work well with simple bleed nipples letting air in via the threads , the need to be sealed with thick grease or you just pull outside air

single handed can easy to make a simple bleed tube valve ,plug the tube end   and with a sharp blade cut a 1" slit in the tube wall this then acts as a non return valve,  cheap and easy

the olde method of pedal down rapid  back slow ,keep res topped up works for most 

keep the collecting jar up higher than the wheels so air always rises and you can see whats coming through . many nip the bleed before the back stroke ,but on your own thats a bit 

difficult .

unless you fluid is all new  it must be changed every 2 years as it soaks up moisture from the open vent like a sponge at 2 yrs old its about 5% water so why not bleed the whole system?



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Cheers Pete, I am changing the fluis as it read 5%+ on my little test thingumyjig. New stuff is zero :)

Just had 5 mins with the wife pumping but she wanted away to do ??? whatever they do. good news is I have n/s/f clear but muggins here had missed the master level going down, could not believe it all went in 5 strokes! So, got a funeral at 1 but back at 2 with my technically adept daughter and we will sort it.

You need to copy and paste that reply!!! Now I have had a chance to search I have seen it a few times

Us newbies eh?


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4 hours ago, Jeffds1360 said:

OK thanks, I see that now. 

Taking into account the manifold location, the n/s/f is closest then.

I'll just use gravity until I find an assistant :)

Gravity is the only method i use Jeff and have never had a problem. The assistant can make you a cuppa :) 


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But I only had to do the brakes because of the uj replacement and that has failed so I am well p'd off!

Back under tomorrow and recheck how circlips fit. Maybe need thicker ones due to trying to force them in when two needles were displaced.... ahhh man.

Waracar I got. Geordie boy don't give up!

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They came from the Ship Inn on Holy island (lindisfarne) where I visit regularly.  A fat American woman (aren't they all) had fallen on it in the garden area and I offered to repair it. There were 32 pieces! Talk about a 3D jigsaw!!! Anyway,  I got 5 pints for the repair.

You wannabe see the next job I got from the pub...photo..got a nights b&b for that repair

completed bulldso.jpg


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