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Uj needle roller refit


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I'm with Rob on that! First time I have tried the index finger for beneficial reasons but..... NO. Still won't go :(

I'v jiggled and wiggled and now wasted hours trying to count them and compare to old ones. I get 26 or 27 or even 28 but my eyes are not what they were!

Can I not just leave it out.

Old uj is a nice tight fit in new cap even with that one missing???

New uj sitting 3/4 finished in vice looking very lonely.

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I was too tight to let even one in! he gave up.

Look... the new cap without one roller is very tight on the old uj. An old cap could be used on the new uj?

Or must I get this back in and use new on new

I've packed in now. Swafegared and cleaning nails out in the sun. this car is not going back on road in a hurry :(

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Would you beeeeereliiiiieve it!!!!!

After spending hours and hours cleaning the pins, the cap, my fingernails and resetting them twice with tweezers and wobbly hands, I gave up. No way would that last pin, number 27, go in.

So I took the opposite cap off....f f ffs sake..............only 25 in there!!!! What a relevation ......the little barstewad had fallen right through the central 'grease way' into the opposite cap!!!!!

I give in, this car dislikes me. I'm sure now because on my last attempt I'm still a mm short of circlip groove, so I have a faller again!!! My vice is ko'd and tapping the caps is no good. Given up for today.

Btw, Rimmers did not know how many pins are in their uj.... it is 26 :)


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2 hours ago, Jeffds1360 said:

I give in, this car dislikes me.

My GT6 positively hates me, and is never happy until it's drawn blood. I knew a horse like it once, it learned that if it made a total hash of jumping it was put back into the stable where it lazed about and got food. My GT6 hates those nasty roads and so has learned that if it stays broken, it'll never go out on the road again. 

I just have to show it who is boss. Wish me luck.

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Your all nuts! Loose or what?

So...I have just had a new uj delivered from Anglia whatsit. Grease nipple in one cap. On the rimmers one the nipple, on yoke, got damaged during my on off on off hit it with a big hammer episode. 

I'll keep it as a spare and put some grease in cross piece. I complained to rimmer about the lack of grease and they replied "we will tell manufacturers "

So... I need a new nipple for it, or a blank. Where do I get that?

Fitting the new one in the next hour.....will I be on the road before dark ???

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If you guys want some nice tools, look at thetoolsquirrel on the internet. It is my youngest son's website. He has all sorts of vices (don't tell him I said that) clamps, even a nice Herald/Vitesse/Spitfire/GT6 factory workshop manual. I've got the Vitesse/GT6 only one AND I am keeping it.

He does books, leaflets and tools for all trades.

Will post this on General.

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