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My Servo, it's fixed!


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For those on the edge of their seats wondering what happened with my servo lock on problem:


After replacing, master cylinder rubbers, brake shoe springs, flexible brake hoses and borrowing another master cylinder, it was just the same.


I put the old master cylinder back on, tried the servo on all 4 wheels, no difference, put it back on front two.


Reluctantly decided it must be the brand new servo. Having sawed the mounting bolts down to squeeze it in the space on the bulkhead I thought I would have a problem returning it so, took it to pieces.


The one way valve which tested OK previously popped off internally, cheap and flimsy. Everything was smothered in rubber grease, I wondered how the vacuum was getting through.


The upper rubber seal on the air valve piston was loose on the shaft. This allowed the lower rubber seal to pull the piston down and remain stuck to the diaphragm. This in turn prevented the vacuum getting to the back of the vacuum chamber and stopped the brakes releasing.


I fitted an external one way valve, cleaned out the rubber grease and manufactured a tiny washer to slot on the shaft above the outer rubber seal and under the retaining cap on the air valve piston.


It works!


I bought this servo from Rimmers, it was around £100, £50 cheaper than anywhere else, now I know why! Assembled by 4 year olds!

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Ive got one in the shed does very similar and despite much repeated strip and fettle it worked fine until you heck braked into amroundaboutnwhen It decidednyoumwere going to Stop

with a second or so delay to release, even fitted a stronger valve spring but , it came off and the replacement worked fine till I sold the vit6


So needs a bogoff offer so you have a spare to tinker with


glad you got to the curprit .....in the end .....its a classic



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I think one of the best things with forums like this is the possibility to get information about part quality (thanks for telling us about this!). I have bought spin on conversion kits that I later found out contained a tremendous amount of small metal parts and debris. The kind of stuff you definitely don’t want to have inside your engine! I have bought a low pressure fuel pump that turned out to deliver a very high pressure (5 times the specified max pressure). The list just go on and on… I always make sure to give the supplier a hard time when I discover these things. Tell them that you do not only want your money back, ask for corrective actions also. Regarding the pump I also notified Swedish authorities about a company selling dangerous parts so now they have solicitors involved in the case too (controlled by government). Above all, notify other club members on the forums, maybe the suppliers will respond in a proper manner one day...

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