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Early Engine Number Query

Peter Truman

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I had a call today from a fellow Triumph nut here in Melbourne searching if I knew of a Spitfire with Engine No. FC95XXGE, presumably a Spit4.

What interested me was the engine GE suffix, E is for Engine I assume, but what is the G, The car was Australian delivered, but as I understand it Triumph UK delivered fully assembled engines complete with their engine numbers to AMI for CKD assembly, AMI fitted the Triumph bulk provided  Comm Nos to the Aus assembled car

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The end is usually HE or LE - people often claim the E is for 'emissions' but I've also heard it simply stands for 'engine'. I've never heard of a GE suffix however special smog-reduced engines for California / USA market were suffixed CE.

I'll attach a screen shot I found of engine numbers, which seems to cover all of the versions I know of:


I've also heard of engines marked HEA for automatic - rarely applicable to our cars!


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