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Herald 1360 differential


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Evening all 

I have a replacement diff from Mike Papworth to replace my incredibly noisy diff.

I have 2 questions 

1) would it be worth replacing the UJs whilst the diff is off? and if so, can you change the UJs on the car whilst the diff is of or is it necessary to remove the hub assembly to change them?

2) will I need a spring lifter and could I do this in a day.

thanks in anticipation.






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My opinions:

First really the whole halfshaft assembly needs to come off to do U/Js - practically they cant be done on the car. The assembly is easier to take off with the tension of the spring removed which is also required for removal of the diff so from this point of view its a good idea to change U/Js at the same time however I would only do that work if I could find wear in them.

A spring lifter does make either/both jobs easier although its not essential as Ive just changed my diff using just a couple of long lengths of studding screwed into the top of it to release   and pull the spring back into place...

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to do it under the car is a very last resort, space tooling fight and struggle with giant G clamps hammers and heaven knows what 

if stuck in the middle of a desert well theres another story 

so sorry its shaft off, and work in the clean on a bench (or the dinning table) 

you might use a jack to lift the upright back in line with the spring  lifrters are only required on rotaflex suspensions  where loads are very high , the swing axle set up is far easier , 

i good vice  some sockets as spacers and amallet and circlip pliers is al you need 

have a read of jeffs antics but dont be put off , do buy decent UJ from club shop or elsewhere stick to known brands like GKN not fleabay special nasty ones 


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Hi John and hey Pete... my antics :)

uj's were ok, it's just my lack of vice/clamps that made me use impact method to refit the uj caps. Not recommended! 

John, it's a doddle to take the link, hub and axle off. Only problem is brake pipe fluid loss and bleeding after. Use a hammer shank to lift leaf spring back in line. Not a problem. Good luck.

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11 minutes ago, Jeffds1360 said:

Use a hammer shank to lift leaf spring back in line. 

That works; I think that's why my wooden-handled hammer is so mangled. If you're a circus performer or a contortionist you can press it down with one knee thereby freeing up your hands to push the bolt through.

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