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Cheap electric cooling?

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Been thinking about this for a while.  I know the main fan on the 6 pots is on the crankshaft but heralds have it on the water pump.  How about replace the dynamo with an alternator and drive just that from the crank pulley. Then, using the old generator as a motor to drive the water pump and fan with a variable speed drive from a temperature monitor. With 6 pots simply use an electric water pump and add an electric fan.

Might improve warm up with no water flow and take the load of the fan/pump from the engine.  There's no need for it to waste the energy it does at high revs when directly connected.  According to Vizzard the big heat load is at low to med revs on full throttle, when the pump and fan are not going that fast.  cruising at middlish revs the fan isn't needed at all, just the circulation. I realise the energy has to come from the engine via the alternator.  This way the energy is applied by need not circumstance.

Was going to try it on a morris minor I had but didn't get round to it.

Thoughts? Objections?

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Davies Craig beat you to it their controller part No. Kit 8001 at $313 or around $505 incl pump. The controller is adjustable and controls both the pump speed and thermo fan, several of our members here in Oz have installed them both in the Stag ( hence OK for Sprint and slants) and big 6 saloons and they work very well, even at our higher ambient temperatures. although today here in Melb its Bl***y cold an Antarctic blast from the south with a max temp of only 9C and snow flurries down to 400mts, at RL of only 20mts I think were OK but expect hail. rain from the south very good for our water supply catchments so there's some good from it!

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