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TSSC NI back out again...

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Another good run, even if some of us had to finish early due to electrical problems. Patchy weather including some horrendous showers, but that's Ulster for you. Watching the mad scramble for hoods was quite entertaining for a smug GT6 driver with a solid roof (who was punished for being smug by having to limp home later in second gear with no wipers...!) Over the hills to Glenariff Forest Park and then back via Glenarm, for those that made it that far... :(


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By the way, I found out why I had a top speed of about 30mph unless I really pushed the accelerator through the floor, then made it to the dizzy heights of 62 mph... the accelerator rod bush had given up and the pedal rod was resting on the metal where it passes through the bulkhead; in fact it has been for some time and has worn a deep groove into the metal. I had to overcome well over an inch of movement before it reached the carbs. The photo shows a masking-tape rubbing of what should be a circular hole... new bush fitted (actually not as hard as I'd been led to believe) and will do as a temporary fix until I can get some repairs to one of the most inaccessible areas of the car.

DSC_0200.jpg.7406c4610b6e02dbb63c2807d838d562.jpg  DSC_0199.jpg.96cc47ce6d7402f8d4d4114a392e2a0a.jpg

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