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East Sussex - Fish & Chip Run


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16x TSSC members with 9x across the range Triumphs, enjoyed a 25x mile whizz through the East Sussex lanes concluding at Pevensey for fish & chips on the beach. 

A grand evening and thoroughly enjoyed by all who came along.

Great to see a huddle of Triumphs including a rare 1950's Renown within the mix; my understanding there is only about 40x Renown's in the UK with approx. 20x abroad. Pity about the modern interloper !!



Pevensey 1.jpg

Pevensey 2.jpg

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What a fine evening it was. Thanks go to Richard for organising, much appreciated.

My car enjoyed the run, save for the rubbish new UJ steering joint (worse than the one I removed which had developed a little play after several years use) and fuel economy on the way there was excellent. Not so on the way home....

The Renown was not exactly holding anybody up, they are a surprisingly good car. Comfy too I am led to believe (I have a Belgian friend who owns at least one, and completed the RBRR in it!) And it was great to see such a selection of Triumphs out. Seems roundtails are getting a bit common now 😁

Fish and chips were rather good too, recommend the fish bar.

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