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Wind and Rain & here comes Christmas

Pete Lewis

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Hi guys  what a year , what crazy weather now summer seems to have done a runner and on TV news they remind  us Christmas is just 4 months away

there have been some brilliant topics to discuss and keep spirits high , but it really has been a year and season best forgotten , we have lost a year 

i dont have time to loose a year  , holidays gone, car drives gone , inspiration lagging ,  and now its pouring with rain 

so whats the solution ...DUXFORD cometh   September  27th 

 so get the grass skirts out and worship the sunshine dance ..........  be happy  !!!


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Lost two windows in the greenhouse last week in that last storm and in danger of losing a third this morning; was out earlier trying to shore it up but the wind is blowing so hard it's actually moving the entire frame. The garden is like a pool, except that it's a pool with grass sticking through it that I can't get cut.

I am happy, though - my tiler has finally decided to appear, well hopefully later today, been chasing him since January so by the end of the day, maybe tomorrow, I should have an ensuite again, plus three other small tiling jobs completed so 'Er Indoors can't nag any more. Assuming nothing leaks I'll need a plasterer and a painter to replace the ceiling in the room below - that's a long story involving darling daughter and an overflowing bath - but things that have been stalled for months are now moving again.

Hope the weather's good for Duxford... if not, well at least the ducks will be happy.


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Grass too wet to cut, sounds like a result!

Youngest daughter moved house yesterday, I’m too old and frail to help, apparently. Life is slipping by.

Next weekend 3 days of cool temperatures with no rain. That’s Triumph fettling on the drive weather!

Soon Duxford ready.


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