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Spitfire & Herald Distributor - Type Fitted


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I will be very grateful, if someone can confirm which type or types of distributor were fitted to the Spitfire and Herald, please.

The reason I ask is that I have a NOS Aldon Ignitor electronic ignition kit (LU142A) that is suitable for:

1- Lucas 23D4 or 25D4 distributor

2- NEGATIVE earth only

I purchased it some years ago for my Sunbeam Alpine but then went on to install a (no-kit) electronic ignition distributor. Now only having six and eight cylinder cars it is surplus to requirement. 

Many thanks.



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Further to my last, I have ascertained the later Herald 1200, the 12/50 and 13/60 use a Lucas 25D4 dizzy.

Assistance on the Spitfire spec will be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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