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OK so I would like a Triumph, but which one


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Hi, I have just joined this forum.


I have always loved classic cars, and my 13 year old son is very interested in classic cars aswell.


So I have been thinking about getting one, to start with I would like one that needs a little work so we can both learn.


My son love mini's and I love triumphs. Minis seem to have alot of rust and need a large amount of body welding. I have been offered a Mayfair 1983 for £800, but haven't see photos of that one, but have seen photos of ones that go for about that much.


There are 2 triumphs that I really have been thinking about, the Herald or Spitfire. now I really like the Spitfire, but think how it might be nice to take the family out in the car (the wife and 3 sons) a Herald might be more practical.



I am trying to negotiate the initial budget at the moment, but would like to spend around the £2k mark.



Any advice on which triumph would be best value would be great.


Also, where is the best place to purchase one, is ebay the right place to be looking?






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Herald are delightful cars, I have owned several and enjoyed them all. Easy to work on too.


Mini, my wife owns one that is regularly used by the rest of the family including our daughters, one uses it to learn in, the other did learn in it.

parts availability is probably better with the Mini, and usually cheaper? but everything is more difficult to do. You would struggle to get 3 in the back of a Mini or a herald convertible, a saloon is a possibility.


Often cars like that find you rather than the other way round. Keep looking, go to some shows etc and see what is available. Prices at shows are often unrealistic, but it gives you an idea. But only you (as in the family) can decide what to buy

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there's a range of  Heralds in your price range in the TSSC Classified section, 


with 3 sons and wife a Spitfire is not your option


Tin top Herald or Vitesse has the space to squeeze them in


or youre into Dolly /Toledo  then stretch to the big saloons   ....5 in comfort 



but as a entry classic the herald is as easy as it gets , simple to work on or weigh up to the song of a six pot Vitesse 


convertibles wont give you adequate rear leg room/width  for 3 in  the back



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 I would like one that needs a little work so we can both learn.


That will be pretty much any Triumph !

Just basic maintenance and service will teach you a lot, and most cars have at least some 'issues' that need resolving. (Browse this, and other, message boards to see the many and varied queries new owners raise).

I suggest you don't look for anything approaching a 'project'.  At your budget, buy the best you can.  There will be plenty to do.



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Having the pleasure of owning a ’72 Mini and a ’71 Spitfire I can confirm everything on the Mini seems trickier, mainly down to the lack of room and therefore takes longer and requires more deep breaths, although on the flip side they are great little cars and do put a huge smile on your face.  With a Mini you will also teach yourself how to weld at some point in the future when you require some bodywork done (it will rust) and start getting quotes (got the the t-shirt on that one).


The Spit in contrast has much better access in general (although with any car there is always something you need triple jointed tiny hands with eyes in the ends of your fingers) and also puts a smile on your face – and attracts admiring glances. Yes they do rust as well but in my experience I think you would get a better condition Spit for the same money than you would a Mini. Not sure if you have considered the age of car but you don’t have to pay vehicle tax on cars made before 1 January 1975 – worth considering as the tax saved goes towards the tinkering funds.


Finally have you asked the boss if she would like to go in it? A Spitfire is only inappropriate if you all want to go out regularly together J There has been less than a handful of times I have taken all 3 children out in the Mini, mostly they take it in turns to come with me to shows in the Spit.


You will be doing the right thing to go out and see cars and if you start to talk to the owners they will mostly ramble on for hours and tell you everything you want to know – your local area meet is always a good place to start (details elsewhere on this site). e-bay is a good place to look and you can also take a look at the completed ‘sold’ entries as well to see what sort of price / condition cars actually went for. www.carandclassic.co.uk can also be good.


Finally, finally this forum is great for those times when you haven’t got a clue or just need to bounce an idea / thought off of someone else as there are a lot of knowledgeable folks on here.


Good luck looking!

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