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Under body paint


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I used etch primer on bare metal, then 2k primer and black. However, to avoid 2k paint a decent primer, and I have used chassis black paint on another car. Sold by a proper commercial supplier on eBay, high zinc, nice stuff to use and seems a quality product. About £30 for 2 1/2L of the stuff. 

And yes, I have used the dinitrol wax over the top right in danger areas. Really tough, 5 years, 20kplus miles in all weathers and still protecting the wheel arches which get a battering on high speed motorway journeys in the rain...

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Johno - If you are painting your car in an area where silicone products have been used (lubricants, sealers etc), you might want to add some upol anti fisheye additive to your paint just in case of any airborne contaminants.


Available from the usual suspects.

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