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Garage Recommendation please...


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Can anybody recommend a garage or restorer local to LE16? (not far fom the TSSC office)


My 1963 Vitesse 6 is in good overall condition but has a number of minor issues which prevent me being able to use it regularly as daily transport.

Firstly I would like to see the fuel gauge working, it may just be a bad earth but I am struggling as the dynamo may not be charging correctly either.

Secondly I think that I need to get the points/condenser/ignition replaced.

Finally I would like to get the carburettors balanced and fully functional as there are some absent hoses and connectors to the air filters.


At the moment I do not have the time to get these things sorted myself as I am also working on a 1983 Mini Mayfair and a 1992 Rover 827 Coupe, unfortunately the Triumph was not quite as ready to go as I had been promised :-)


Any suggestions/recommendations would be welcome.


Many thanks






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