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happy ending for GT6


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I had an old topic on here from 2016, about a car I feared that was lost. Well it had a happy ending... 

I have been enjoying the GT6 since the spring. It took ages, but I'm very happy with the work done by David Picton, which started when he recovered it in a terrible state from the old place.

cf. https://forum.tssc.org.uk/topic/1595-kn-engineering-mays-engineering-faversham-known/


Photo from Andrew C-01.jpeg



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  • theBuggane changed the title to happy ending for GT6
16 hours ago, theBuggane said:

The pic in the dark car park is the right shade... My phone camera does not do a good job! It's Inca. Not a correct colour, but my favourite Triumph yellow...

Thought it was inca. My favourite triumph colour as well. I sprayed my second gt6 mk3 inca.

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