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Fitting K&Ns to TR7


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I’m about to fit some shiny new air filters to my TR7. 
Does anyone have any experience of this, and in particular whether it is necessary to change the carb needles for a richer mixture? And if so which ones? Did the carbs need a lot of fettling afterwards?😩

Many thanks, Paul

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If the air filters are the only change from standard, there should be no need for richer needles. Just warm the engine and re-tune the carbs at tick over and all should be well.

With a sports exhaust as well, perhaps richer needles will be needed. TR7 experts like Robsport could advise.


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21 hours ago, Automental said:

Mmmm, some differences of opinion then. Thanks chaps. Paul

 The needles I recommended were tried and tested on three TR7's.

Also found most standard stainless steel exhausts systems give better gas flow than the original mild steel set-up. Having tried the tubular manifold there wasn't any worthwhile increase in BHP against the standard type. That is with a Sports exhaust system or a standard stainless steel system. The main improvement was with the standard stainless steel system as they are straight through boxes and not the baffled type as on the original set-up. The sports system gave very similar results. 

The full sports system works well on a tuned engine.


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That’s really useful Dave. I think I’ll go with your tried and tested recommendation. 
Good news about the exhaust helping a little. Must admit it sounds really good, better than a standard one I’d imagine (although my TR7 is the only one I’ve driven or even been in!), presumably due to the lack of baffling so that makes sense.

I’ve only had the car 2 months and I must say I’m chuffed to bits with it. And still haven’t seen another one since I got it, so a rare beast.



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