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Vit Mk1 2 Litre 3.27 diff with OD gearbox


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Hi. Well this is what I have with 155/80 tyres, so not ideal, though stuck with it for now.

Just wondering what is the best way to drive this car, reg fuel economy and more importantly to me, engine/gearbox/diff wear, as I guess this can labour the car?.

I tend to drive mostly with low revs through the gears (live in a city). Would it be better to give it a bit more beans?.

Car maybe a bit sluggish to what it should be (never driven another), though seems to cope with motorway inclines in OD top ok. 

Cheers, Dave



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I would expect a 3.27 diff is a bit high for a 2 litre engine pulling the weight of the Vitesse. 1st gear getaway will be slower with the higher final drive.

That said, I've never driven a Vitesse 2 litre which didn't have a 3.89 diff.

On the move, the high final drive ratio shouldn't be a problem, it's only that acceleration from standstill will be a bit sluggish. If you can live with being a little slow off the line, the benefit of the 3.27 diff will be very relaxed cruising.

Let the engine rev freely when you can. The clutch will need to be slipped a bit getting off the line but even so, the friction plate should cope for many thousands of miles. Once on the move, engine, clutch and gearbox will be fine.

Has the speedo been recalibrated for the non-standard diff ratio?


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I am not at all convinced low revs =good fuel economy. Mainly as more accelerator pedal is needed to pull away and increase speed. Better to have the engine developing stronger torque.

First gear is tall on these cars, and in town at 30mph you won't be needing 4th. 

But fundamentally, if you are that concerned about economy and mechanical wear, you have bought the wrong car!

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