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Electric Washer Project

Pimp my Vit

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I started this little mod some time ago on another forum and only just got round to fitting it back into the car this week.

So my mechanical windscreen washer was buggered but I wanted to keep it original


So I cut the end off and scooped out the black gunk that 50 years ago used to be the piston… 413784512.jpg.d5b042583169e3b1ef6448748a109d3f.jpg

These are the components that I used to use to convert it to a powered system, the switch is push and release type, it’s only live while pressed413784511.jpg.b99f03ef4b1541b65a474e85c269887d.jpg

I needed to be careful as I don't want to see all this long spindle showing on the finished article… 


I wanted it to look like this with just enough forward movement to activate the switch, but also I didn’t want to be able to pull it back, I want it fixed in this position with forward movement only


OK so I have got the new switch pretty much where I wanted it, with just enough movement in the shaft to press the button on the switch


Although the switch was quite tight in the housing I just put a dab of gorilla glue to make sure it stays in place, I also used some double sided tape on the switch button so the shaft cannot be pulled out and will stay in the position as shown below. I didn't use the rubber dome that came with the switch as it was just a bit too tight in the housing.
By fitting the locking ring the wrong way round and cutting the ridges off the switch body its a pretty much a perfect fit413787330.jpg.692c87bc5d5bb6107a64c71c5779a374.jpg
The double sided tape on the button wasn't strong enough to stop the knob from being pulled backwards so I used a small grub screw with a dab of glue through the side of the housing to prevent the spindle from being pulled back. Total cost including Lucas pump, switch and non return valve was about £16.
Fitted the pump just next to the water bottle and took power from ignition switch so washers only work while ignition on, new non-return valve in the water bottle and it works just great.
 OK so its now finished, works really well, press the knob with just the lightest touch, let go and the spring in the switch automatically returns it to the off position. Just hold it in as long as you want water jet on windscreen.
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Roger Just so you know I had a bit of a senior moment during this, I made the switch a long time ago and then left the pump/valve/tube in a box to come back to at a later (turns out much later) date. When I came back to it I couldn't work out what the rubber cap was for, I then thought it must fit on the pump body as it fitted quite nicely. You can see it in the photo of the fitted pump, its only now I realise its the rubber part of the switch I didn't need in the switch build. It sits quite well so I am going to leave it there it will at least stop me shorting a wire on the top of the pump...its sh!t getting old!!

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