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Diff gasket, dealing compound?


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Hi all, I've just opened up my diff to replace oil seals and output bearings as one is not silky smooth. The question is should a gasket compound be used for the diff casing and indeed the output flanges. I'm thinking not so far. Anyone got the full sp?

Cheers Johno

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the main case split  has gasket 114749 @55p

the output have never show as having a gasket 

I recommend a smear of loctite 574    we did lots of tests for sealer back in the days of production and this stuff is bullet proof

easy to use , and doesnt need a gasket on any hard faces 

not using a gasket on the front/ rear halves will upset the alignment of the short shafts to the diff carrier by the thickness of the gasket 



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Worth mentioning the spec of the oil should be GL4 (unless you do some proper research and find a yellow metal safe GL5 oil)

Moss sell a 85-140 oil that they claim can quieten a diff (with the caveat that it does not mean the diff has been fixed! but a diff with slight noise will stay that way for 1000's of miles) It is a GL5 spec, but clearly states it is yellow metal safe. Other such oils are available elsewhere. However, I have a bottle of this stuff waiting to go in my diff, when I get round to it!

Dynolite No Noise EP 85W-140, 1 litre


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