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Spitfire 1500 - 78 plate which fuel pump should I have installed?


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The current pump is the straight lever type, but I have a spacer fitted, which I think is incorrect for the pump.


ENGINE FM1150xxx

I’ve had the car for 15 years.  I’ve not used it much since 2015, but always had issues starting it after a lay up over the winter.  I’ve found it needed turning over for ages before it would then start and it would be fine for the summer, until the following year.

anyway this year it didn’t start, I Left it and only this weekend did I get a friend involved who’s more automotively minded.  He helped isolate the starting problem to fuel, we tested the pump and it seems to work off the car.  But acted poorly when fitted or held in place.

i wonder if the pump is incorrect, And a vacuum effect helped draw fuel through?  Is this possible?

or is the pump correct and the spacer not required?

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Hi Colin,

I have the pump on the left, so I think I need the correct part!  Incredible it’s sort of worked.

Hi YS, I’ll double check that whilst I’m looking, but I think it looks like I need the correct pump.  I have uncovered a couple of short cuts with the car,  but nothing quite this dramatic.



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All the above. But something to consider, that happened to me Viz a Portable Generator, I had terrible trouble starting it it had been unused for a Year, and would NOT start.

I spoke to the Agents, and they guy told me that they had had several "complaints" of similar nature, what they had discovered is the 5% ETHANOL fuel currently being produced Deteriorated when stored.

Cleaned the filter, drained and replenished the fuel with Fresh from the Filling Station. Fired and ran first  pull.!. Make of that what you will, but the next phase is 10% ETHANOL.

I am told, that the Ethanol is only added as it is dispensed into the delivery tankers.


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I should really give an update.  So it seems that in the distant past (before I owned the car) the pump must have been replaced with the modern type, but the spacer left in place.  I suppose this is a simple mistake to make for the uninitiated.  Anyway, Bought 10l of new premium fuel, I still had difficulty in starting the car.   Detached the line from the pump to the tank, blew air back down the tank in case there was a blockage, fuel didn't pour back though.  So got a bucket, lightly pressurised the tank and fuel flowed through.  Reattached the hose and the car fired second time.  It's never, ever sounded better!  Next job is to sort the brakes out now.  Thank you all so much for the advice!


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