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Wheel rim sizes, GT6 Mk3

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Just re-joined the Club after a 30-yr absence, having bought my 6th late swing-spring GT6 today...

Could someone advise on wheel sizes, please?  I'm keen to retain the std. Mk3 drilled steel wheels with the chrome centre piece and nuts, but would like to go wider than 4.5".  Is there a 5", or 5.5", option that looks basically the same but wider?



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Beware that the 5.5” Wheels come in at least two different offsets.

The set I have would cause problems one the front of a GT6 or Spitfire with 175/70 tyres or least be extremely close. This means they’d probably also be really close at the rear on a swingle axle, long shaft car. They are perfect for the rear of a short-shaft or rotoflex car so I’m using them on the rear of our GT6 and Spit (both Roto rears) with 5” on the front.

In the OPs case I’d suggest sticking to the 5” which are easier to find, more reasonably priced and will fit.



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