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Webasto Sunroof Mk1 GT6


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Hi All


Wanted thoughts and experiences of getting a webasto sunroof fitted  - from Good to a Bad idea to buying and fitting please. Worth getting done professionally?


My GT6 already stays reasonably cool as I fitted reflective insulation to a replacement gearbox G/F tunnel



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Personal taste, Aidan. If you ask for opinions you’ll get as many people saying to fit one as you will saying don’t, you’ll also get people telling you how good a Webasto is in their own car, which won’t be a GT6, and you’ll always get someone who hi-jacks the post with the problems he’s having with his own vehicle and thereby effectively kills the thread. :) (Long experience, that…)

However: I’d get it done professionally, if at all. It’s a big step cutting a hole in perfectly good - and quite rare - roof. 

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Had one on the vitesse, noisy when open , needed a front deflector, it never leaked but did have wind noise at speed when closed


nice period kit but a glass pop up is more usable ,


fitted a good few britax pop ups in my 'MORE MODERN' cars of the past




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had  a Britax sunroof fitted to my GT6 (mk3). It was very good, I had done all the insulation but wanted to choice of having the car 'open'.

I used a guy in the midlands who had all the bits to make a new one. He did a very good job.

I did try to buy one off Ebay but could not bring myself to cut a hole in the roof.....

Also the Britax roof is not as thick as the Webasto (which uses a wooden frame) so you do not loose any head room in the GT6.

Personally I loved it and was pleased with the result, btw the cost was close to a £1k with everything including a new head lining so not cheap.




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