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Hazard Warning Kit (Club kit)


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Hi folks.

Hazards dor my 1200 saloon:- 

Apologies this is done from my phone:- I'm trying to get to grips with the Club hazards kit instructions. I'm no electrician though.

Seems to me, given that both starter solenoid and indicator flasher unit are all passenger-sided, I'm going to need a reel of cable at the very least to extend the relatively short cabling supplied on the unit . . . which I obviously intend to affix on the driver's side.

The first instruction is regarding connecting the switch to a starter solenoid live feed.

I can see what I think must be the live feed at the solenoid; the positive battery cable and what must be live to the alternator comes from it and I DO have a spare spade tag at the same point on the solenoid. But it IS the opposite side of the car from where the switch is to be situated. 

Second instruction concerns identifying connections to the flasher unit (replaced in the past). Couldn't see any spare tags on that unit though.

Has anybody done this job and might be able to walk me through the connections please?? 

Pics are always good . . . 



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This link might help 

I would add I found the hazards were poor quality and unreliable plus the wiring is over complicated . I have since removed them and fitted another system . Hopefully the hazards the shop sells have been improved 


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its a typical problem of one size fit all ....or nothing 

you could pick up a brown feed (unfused ) from the column harness ( maybe)  to save routing to the solenoid live pick up point 

or a mauve  (  possibly fused ) which is horns interior lights which will feed the flasher when all else is switched off


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I didn’t get a club one but being a cheapskate for the Mk2 Vitesse I modified a second hand Lucas hazard switch from a 2000/2500 it was relatively easy I replaced the single bullet connectors where the normal indicator Switch cables came Out of the steering column with double bullet female sleeve connectors and put the hazard switch cables into those ie RH, LH indicator cables and the ignition source supply that went to the column indicator switch. The only other source I had to find was a battery supply which I fused and took off the ignition switch, but equally it could have been taken from the solenoid.

My only problem is that I need to frequently have to give them a go as the contacts appear to get dirty/tarnished, I have to pull/push the switch a few times.

Interesting fact I wanted to change the incandescent warning bulb with a LED But it wouldn’t work I finally worked it out the supply in the hazard switch for the bulb bottom contact is actually a negative supply the bulb outer case being positive. Polarity doesn’t affect an incandescent bulb BUT LED’s are polarity sensitive.

I’ve got another cheapie l set up to do the daughters Mk2 Spit when we get out of lockdown! Luckily years ago At Stafford When on a UK holiday I brought around 20 double bullet connector sleeves.

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