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Rotisserie/ rollover jigs

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On a normal monocoque car I think that the roll over jigs are fantastic, although any that require you to leave the axle and front suspension on have their limitations if you really want complete access to the entire underside. The hassle of draining all the fluids etc and mounting the carin on the jig though does mean that it's not really practical for reletivley localised repairs; they are more for full underside restorations where you media blast and replace sills, floors, outriggers, the lot. Once finished you are also left with having to store the thing or sell it on which is fine depending on how much storage space you have.


However, on a Triumph if you are doing a full restoration it's easier & cheaper to take the body off & rest it upside down on the garage floor.

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I can understand that. Thanks for the advice. Have still got the old chassis, so will cut that down, so just the body mounting section is left. Figure if I bolt the tub to that, it will be kept straight (obviously bracing the door gaps). Easy enough to put it on it's side for floors etc. First time I've attempted anything like this..! Many thanks.

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