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GT6 Steering Wheel

Dave Vickers

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No idea on where t find an original, but whatever happens, keep what you have. Wheels often turn up w=missing the boss/horn etc etc. 

Meanwhile, to get a pass, you can fit a wheel from another model or an aftermarket wheel. (if you are local to brighton I have a herald wheel you are welcome to borrow, maybe an aftermarket type)

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I’ve a go faster steering wheel, but I kept my original (mk3) It’s not in very good condition, pin prick rust and bits of rubber missing, but it used to pass the MOT.

You’re in West Sussex? I’m near Reading if you want it, but we’ve all got flash steering wheels so there must be somebody nearer?

Ah, Clive is just down the road! 😆


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9 hours ago, Dave Vickers said:

Hi All, 

My GT6 Mk.1 just failed MoT due to steering wheel weak/broken. Anyone know where I can get an original replacement? Centre boss has square cut-out for fitment to column. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The original wheels are quite floppy, depends on how hard your MOT man heaved on it to make it seem so.

just stick anything that fits for the MoT and refit afterwards.

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